Briefly, BaboWar is an Online TPS game for iOS e Android platforms. We have been thinking to launch it for PC as well, but there is still a lot of work to do. We’ll find the time, sooner or later.
Our game has the typical “Babo Violent 2” style, with the graphics and colors of the last Call of Duty!
The protagonists will be a multitude of hardened and colored rolling “balls”; some of them will look like the characters of other videogames, while some others will be more customizable.
Don’t worry! No matter the style of the balls, they are always going to be armed to the teeth, ready to shoot everything that moves.

We’ve established classes and targets for the balls, and many levels helping us to grow together and gain “Features” like Skin or accessories for weapons little by little.
We will have lots of statistics at our disposal allowing us to observe improvements and to better ourselves game after game.
Many other ideas are in store but we will tell about them in the next posts…or maybe you will find them out in due time 🙂
Everything served with powerful servers, connected to a MEGASERVER kneading the “ingredients” in the right way.

As you can see, all of this is going to be quite expensive. Since the game for iOS and Android is free, we thought only you can choose whether to donate some money to contribute to our goal.
In return, we will keep your email so that when you come and play with us, we’ll have a special present for you and for all of those who have supported and believed in us.

The BaboWar Staff!

Together we can make a dream come true!

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