Let me introduce the first soldiers who have already joined our cause.

There is “Mieinion” who has nothing in particular, actually…Just a big pair of glasses, and he is the favorite one of the big boss (The Babadmin) – and that says it all!

We have “Todd”, a nice little mushroom that may seem harmless at first sight, even if we strongly discourage you to taste it!

Then “Hamburgergunner”, as the name tells is a very good sandwich and sometimes even a good rifleman.

But there’s more. As you probably could see in the previous posts, there’s also a big blue ball, “BlueBubble”.  She was the first to join us and we think she will captivate you with her essence!

Last but not least is our “Fallen in Bubble”, a not very sound ball, an almost fallen war soldier that just refused to die!

Ok, introductions are over for now, but don’t worry, we will create new soldiers soon. Tell us which one you like most, which one really represents you and if you like their names.

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  • Dev

    NIce to see the updates and the soldiers look cool and funny. I wonder what part they’re be playing in the game. Are they all babos? My favorite is the one with the night googles (BlueBubble?) because he’s more simple and looks badass xD.
    Also, Hamburgergunner – is a hilarious name but it’s sooo long. Something smaller might be more catchy, like Gunburguer (instead of Hamburguer) . Just a thought ^^

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to more news!


    • Axerian

      Hello Dev!
      I’m glad you like the new soldiers, thank you very much for the advice on Hamburgergunner, we want to follow your advice and we will give him a new nickname “Gunburger”!
      The babos are all playable, currently we are building more than 30, get ready, There will be more and more babos!
      Soon we release an introductory video that will satisfy all the curiosity. (Shhhh =P)

  • Mattia Anconelli

    Of course they are all babos!! Also they will be all playable with their personal skills and (imho more funny) SKINS!

    Because we like the way you think and ” GunBurger ” looks funny ,that could become the battle’s name of HamburgerGunner !

    Stay tuned to find out 😉

  • Dev

    More than 30 already? That sounds great! Looking forward to this video you mentioned, Axerian hehe. Also, glad you liked the “gunburger” idea.

    Keep it up!