If you thought you would never read any of our posts again, you were wrong! We are still working on our project and are so engrossed in what we’re doing that don’t even know what day is today!

In the last weeks our programmers have been about to complete the code for the movements of the ball in the scenario, so we could test the multiplayer with many devices connected at the same time!

It was great for me to see the first outcomes with my eyes: I could watch my bubble moving and following the others in the test scenario, and even if there were no weapons, it made us so cheerful to watch them come alive.

Our work goes on taking into consideration every aspect of the project. As a matter of fact, we’ve recreated the logics of the movements and those of the shot, which will be later implemented with the models of the weapons. And talking of the weapons, we keep working on the 3D modeling of new bubbles, objects and buildings for the first leg – which we are preparing in order to give you and your friends a perfect battlefield!

The bubble you will find on the cover it’s a new idea of the “Babadmin”. It’s a soul closed in a round cage, just to make you remind of a game that has been having a lot of success in these last years. Will you be able to identify it?

In addition to all these great things, we are working simultaneously on a BaboWar presentation video which will come out very soon!

Get ready because when we launch the video there will be no room for doubts. You are simply going to be filled with longing to play together!

Let your friends know that our dream is about to become a reality and share this post!

  • Io

    Grandi! Spero riusciate nell’intento di ottenere la giocabilità pura di BV su Android !
    Vi tengo d’occhio…..?