We would like to start by saying that we are ordinary people, we are just like you, people that want to turn an idea into something, developing that idea independently.   Probably, those of you who lack computer knowledge and who don’t have programming  skills, have been involved in other projects, thinking about different ideas.

Each one of us has a particular task that he or she tries to fulfill at best to be able to show you our project completed and, no less important, to watch our dream come true. There are people like me who focus on writing, drawing and suggesting new ideas; people strictly involved in programming (the Badadmin!, who else?), those creating our loved balls and so on. We are a very small group, but we are determined!

Get ready! BABO WAR will win over you!

  • Dev

    Any of you played Bv2? Anyone I might know?

    In any case, I’m glad to see this is happening and I wish you guys plenty of luck and inspiration. I have some ideas as well as I’ve been part of two separate but similar projects that didn’t go the distance sadly, so if you find yourself out of creativity or something I’d be glad to throw in a few ideas 😉

    Looking forward to reading more about this project and seeing progress.


    • Axerian

      Hello dev,
      Many thanks for your comment.
      We are making progress, and not imagine how happy I am to know that you are interested in our dream.
      If we run out of ideas in the future, we will contact you for sure!
      Your comment almost made me cry of happiness.
      Really, Thank you very much.

    • Mattia Abbruciati

      Hi Dev,
      Nice to meet you! I’m a chief editor and we are very happy to read you on our blog! News are coming, so stay connected!!!

  • Mattia Anconelli

    Hi mate!

    Part of us played bv2 a long time ago. But just for fun we start and stop many times in this years. Personally i never got any ladder account, just for let you undestand.

    But about this one the work constantly goes on, some time slowly, other times really fast. There is a lot of thing to do and we try to made that at best of our possibility.
    For let you know, any type of suggestion are accepted :).

    Thank you really much for your interest, thanks to all the bv2 community too and we hope to made a work who give you fun.

  • Dev

    You would have gotten a lot more support from the community if your project had started a few years ago ^^. Now the community is mostly gone, I haven’t played Bv2 in a year or so but a few years ago I used to play almost every day, it was my go-to game and it was very fun and competitive. I always hoped someone would pick up the idea and turn it into something modern. I always thought it has a lot of potential, so I DO really hope you guys go all the way and I’ll be awaiting updates eagerly 🙂 . There were several projects that tried to do something similar, but none of them succeeded sadly, so I hope you guys have a different fate and really create something amazing here!

    Also, thanks for the warm welcome, I’ll be around checking you out ^^

    • Babadmin

      Hi Dev,
      you don’t know how much I’m glad to read that someone likes the idea, this project has been running for a few months, has undergone several changes, but remains true to the origins, I think the project has a lot of potential.

      Anyway, welcome among us!

      I can’t wait to have fun playing with you in our dream!

  • Francesco

    Ragazzi, ma che fine avete fatto?
    Ci sono importantissime novità su Babo Violent 2.
    Se voleste saperne di più, avete l’email…
    Buon proseguimento!

  • Francesco95

    Ragazzi, ma che fine avete fatto?
    Ci sono importantissime novità su Babo Violent 2.
    Se voleste saperne di più, avete l’email…
    Buon proseguimento!