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The Blogger and the Babadmin decided to delight all of you with a short slider where we put the drawings of our Blogger together and which tells you how “Hamburgergunner” was born.

Do you remember that tasty sandwich? Well, now you are going to finally find out why it is so angry!

You must know that the Babadmin is always hungry and the Blogger is forced to feed him at regular time spans – otherwise he goes to standby and stops programming BABO WAR!

What do you reckon? Do you like it? Share the post with your friends and follow us to keep you up to date…we will soon publish many other posts! =)

  • Dev

    Lol, nice one guys ^^
    I don’t know if Babadmin and the Blogger are speaking a foreign language or cursing at each other with all the !#$?#$ signs xD

    • Axerian

      Hey Dev!
      Happy to see you here, eehm, yes we’re yelling each other.. xD
      Have you noticed the new name of the hambuger babo? 😉 (ihihih)
      Neeeew news are comiiiiin’ =P

  • Francesco

    Ehi! Come procede con il lavoro? Ci sono tante novità su Babo Violent 2, e peraltro, mi sembra giusto invitarvi in questa community su Telegram! Potrete conoscere i gusti di tutti i più vecchi giocatori di Babo Violent 2! 🙂 https://telegram.me/baboviolent2